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The Whining Bundle


Announcing the Whining Bundle. An all in one collection of West Indian Music selected to provide you with great music to keep you whining!

You get over 2800 songs on 100 fully organized CD's on a 16gb USB flash drive in a presentation box and a free poster

This package contains both mixed and remixed CD's in the genres of Indian Remixes, Classic Indian, Classic Soca, New Bollywood, Dancehall, Rockers, New Chutney, Classic Chutney, New Soca, Slow Jams, Soca Chutney, Indian Disco, Latin, Top 40 and Culture. Ever Country, Bhajans, Phagwah, Parang and Christmas music are included

All files are encoded as high quality 320k MP3's. Every CD has it's own folder, each folder has separate tracks for each song with the proper album artwork, track names and MP3 tags included

Below is a list of some of the albums included in this bundle

7 Curry by DJ Q Styles
Around the World by Caribbean Spice
Back In Time Lime Soca by Innovative Soundz
Backshot by Mr. Stylistic
Barefoot by DJ iLL
Bedtime Stories by Mr. Stylistic
Beer Garden 1 by Mistah Flow
Beer Garden 2 by Mistah Flow
Blast From The Past 1 by Dj Fess
Blast From The Past 2 by Dj Fess
Bollywood Express by Dj Rickster & Dj 7 Star
Christmas Rockers by Dj Sunil
Chutney Overload 2k17
Cool Out by DJ Kev
Dancehall Execution by Innovative Soundz
Dancehalloween 3 by Vp Premier
Dangerously by Dj Seane & Dj Ill
De Soca Mood by ESK & IVS
Devotional Bhajans by LED
Dulha Dulahin by Ryan Jhingree
Extasy 1 by Remixer Zaheer
Extasy 2 by Remixer Zaheer
Fall In Love Again by Mr. Stylistic
Flashback by Indiflo MixMen
Forty Eight Fourteen by DJ Smooth Touch
Fyah Crackah by Vp Premier
Golden Memories by Remixer Zaheer
Gunmaster G9 by Hurricane Swizz
Gyam Fiyah by Caribbean Spice
Happy Hour D'Originals by Mr. Stylistic
Heatwave by D Chipsta
High Voltage by Mr. Stylistic
Hot & Groovy by DJ Wreckz
Hot & Spicy 1 by Wickid Soundz
Hot & Spicy 2 by Wickid Soundz
Hot & Spicy 3 by Wickid Soundz
Hot & Spicy 4 by Wickid Soundz
Hot & Spicy 5 by Wickid Soundz
Hot & Spicy 6 by Wickid Soundz
Ignite The Soca 2k15 by Dj Vee
Indian Recall 3
Indian Recall 4 by Vp Premier
Indian Sensation 1 by Mistah Flow
Indian Sensation 2 by Mistah Flow
Intoxicated by Mr. Stylistic
It's Phagwah Time by Wickid Soundz
Kaiso by Vp Premier
Latin Party 1 by DJ iLL
Latino Heat by DJ iLL
Lets Get Ready To Disco by Mr. Stylistic
Love & Affection by DJ iLL
Love Shock 1 by GT Vibez Soundcrew
Love Shock 2 by GT Vibez Soundcrew
Love Struck 1 by Remixer Zaheer
Love Struck 2 by Remixer Zaheer
Luv Vibez by DJ Rummie & DJ Sadistic
Maxi Dub by Dj Flexxx
Melodious Bhajans 5 by Gt Vibez Soundcrew
Melodious Bhajans 6 by Gt Vibez Soundcrew
Melodious Bhajans Nauraat Edition by GT Vibez Soundcrew
Non Stop Party Mix 1 by Mr. Stylistic
Non Stop Party Mix 2 by Mr. Stylistic
Original Rockers by Vp Premier
Parang Season by Dj Danny
Pelt Yuh Waist by Mastah X & Kaotik Soundz
People's Choice 1 by Mr. Trickstah
People's Choice 2 by Mr. Trickstah
Radioactive by G1
Retrospect by Hurricane Swizz
Reunion Style 1 by Mistah Flow
Reunion Style 2 by Mistah Flow
River Lime 4 by Wickid Soundz
River Lime 5 by Wickid Soundz
Roll Yuh Bumpah by Hypnotic Vibez
Rumantics by GT Vibez Sound Crew
Sentimental Moments 1 by Remixer Zaheer
Set Speed by Wickid Soundz
Showbiz by Mastah X & Hurricane Swizz
Silent Kiss by Mr. Trickstah
Soca Bacchanal 6 by DJ Lovaboi
Soca Diversity By Wickid Soundz
Soca Paradise by DJ iLL
Spoat Up by Caribbean Spice
Tempted By Dj Rickster & Remixer X
The K Factor by DJ Q Styles
Thrills by Vp Premier
Top Party Songs by Wickid Soundz
Twenty Four Seven by DJ Smooth Touch
Whining Scheme 1 by Hurricane Swizz
Whining Scheme 2 by Hurricane Swizz
Wuk Di Money by Dj Chaotic

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