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The Party Bundle

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The Party Bundle is the only music collection you need for all your West Indian parties. There is no slow music in this bundle!

You get over 3000 songs on 100 fully organized CD's on a 16gb USB flash drive in a presentation box and a free poster

This collection contains 100 mixed and remixed CD's in the genres of Bollywood, Chutney, Soca, Indian Originals, Indian Remixes, Chutney Remixes, Classic Reggae, Dancehall, Calypso, Disco, Bhangra, Classic Soca, Classic Chutney, Guyana Rockers, 80's, 90's, Top 40, Reggaeton and even Parang

All files are encoded as high quality 320k MP3's. Every CD has it's own folder, each folder has separate tracks for each song with the proper album artwork, track names and MP3 tags included

Below is a list of some of the albums included in this collection

80's Party by Vp Premier
90's Party by Vp Premier & Dj Lovaboi
Backdam Style by Platinum Productionz
Backyard Jam by Innovative Soundz
Be My Desi Girl 1 by Dj Rickster
Be My Desi Girl 2 by Dj Rickster
Best of Caribbean Spice by Caribbean Spice
Bhangra Palle by Vp Premier
Bollywood Charts by Selector C
Bollywood Heat by Dj Khan
Bollywood Nights by Dj Steve
Bring De Bhariat by Mr. Stylistic & Vp Premier
Bruk Out by Vp Premier
Cane Cuttah by Mr. Stylistic & Indiflo
Choka by Dj Shameer
Chutney Bacchanal by Dj Lovaboi
Chutney In Yuh Duniya 7 by Vp Premier
Chutney Jammers 1 by Mr. Stylistic
Chutney Jammers 2 by Mr. Stylistic
Chutney Lova by Koolie Mob
Chutney Winers by Dj Kevin
Da Chutney Zone 1 by D.I.S.C
Da Chutney Zone 2 by D.I.S.C
Da Chutney Zone 3 by D.I.S.C
Dancehall Agony by Mr. Stylistic
Dancehall Classics 1 by Dj Kris
Dancehall Classics 2 by Dj Kris
Dancehall Destruction by Dj Smooth
Dancehall Flava by Dj Fess
Dancehall Machine 1 by Dj Sparkxxx
Dancehall Machine 2 by Dj Sparkxxx
Dancehall Rock by Vp Premier
Disco Days by Vp Premier
Dutty Vibes by D.I.S.C
Easy Runnings by Mr. Stylistic
Extreme Reggaeton by Vp Premier & Dj Lovaboi
Feel The Rhythm by Drunkie Vibez
Give Dem Chutney 1 by Dj Rickster
Give Dem Chutney 2 by Dj Rickster
Give Dem Chutney 3 by Dj Rickster
Groovin On Soca by Mr. Stylistic
Hit List by Vp Premier
Hot Shots by Dj Rickster
Indian Recall 1 by Vp Premier
Indian Recall 2 by Vp Premier
Insomnia Reloaded by Dj Shameer
Instant Classics by United Vibes
Its Parang Time Again by Dj Shiva
Kanghan by Indiflo
Kool Runnings by Mr. Stylistic
Kuch Kuch Baby by D.I.S.C
Leggo Meh Chutney by Miztah Sudz
Leggo Mi Na Raja by Dj Leon
Machel Hit List by Vp Premier
Masterpiece by Dj Q Styles
My Indian Tunes 2 by Mr. Stylistic
My Indian Tunes 3 by Dj Killer Flex
My Indian Tunes by Drunkie Vibes
No Sass No Class by Drunkie Vibes
Off The Record by Dj Ryan Jhingree
Party Done by Dj 7 Star
Party In GT by Dj Rickster & Dj Tr3v
Party Starters by Innovative Soundz
Plenty Peppah by Dj Khan
Prime Time Soca by Dj Kevin
Project Xs by Xs Soundz
Repeat by Dj 7 Star & Dj Rickster
Retribution by Dj Fess
Rockin Ya All Night 1 by Dj Ryan
Rockin Ya All Night 2 by Dj Ryan
Rockin Ya All Night 3 by Dj Ryan
Roll Back by Mr. Stylistic
Rum & Cuttas by Dj Khan & Dj Smallz
Shake It by Dj Rickster
Soca Bacchanal 4.0 by Dj Lovaboi
Soca Flashback 1 by Dj Fadez
Soca Flashback 2 by Dj Fadez
Soca Me Crazy by Gt Vibez Soundcrew
Soca Mission 2016 by Dj Ray
Soca Timeline by United Vibez
Starbai Stargyal by Indiflo
Start The Party 1 by Vp Premier
Start The Party 2 by Vp Premier
Summer 16 by Dj 7 Star
Summer Slam by Mr. Stylistic & Vp Premier
The King & Queen of Chutney by Mr. Stylistic
The Main Event by Innovative Soundz
Time 2 Wine by United Vibes
Wedding House Chunes by Dj Leon
Whine Up by Caribbean Spice & Vp Premier

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