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Thee Bhajan Bundle is an exclusive collection on 3 USB 3.0 drives combining great music & video for all Bhajan lovers! It comes in an elegant custom made box and is perfect for gifting, no wrapping needed! This is the best looking and sounding collection of Bhajans ever put together!

Inside you'll find the following:
Box 1 - contains 50 bhajan CD's for all occasions
Box 2 - contains The Ramayan movie (with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound and subtitles)

Box 1 features modern and classic bhajans for a variety of deities and religious occasions. Included are bhajans for Ram, Hanuman, Durga, Shiva, Lakshmi, Krishna, Ganesh, Sita, Kali, Saraswati and more! You'll also find songs for religious holidays such as Diwali, Ramanavami, Janamashtami and Navratri. There are also songs for Moms, Dads, Kids and even great music for the Muslim faith. In addition to the great variety, all music is mixed with no sirens or talking over the music

Box 2 features a remastered digital version of The Ramayan. It has been conveniently organized into 20 easy to watch episodes and features Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound with English subtitles. This is your all-in-one exclusive Bhajan collection and makes the perfect gift your loved ones!

This item comes with free ground shipping to the US & Canada, 3 day UPS express shipping is also available

Below is a list of some of the albums included in this collection

Aarti Melodies
Lakshmi The Divine
Ganga Maa Bhajans
Sweet Bhajans 1
Diwali Festival Of Lights
Ram & Sita Bhajans
Songs of Saraswati
Moments of Devotion
Immortal Bhajans
Chants of Krishna Janamashtami
Devotional Bhajans
Durga Upasana
Durga Mata Bhajans
Happy Ramanavami
Sunday Marning Bhajans
Ganesh Mantras
Melodious Bhajans 1
Melodious Bhajans 2
Melodious Bhajans 3
Melodious Bhajans 4
Melodious Bhajans 5
Melodious Bhajans 6
Melodious Bhajans 7
Melodious Bhajans 8
Melodious Bhajans Diwali Edition
Melodious Bhajans Nauraat Edition
Melodious Bhajans Instrumental Edition
Songs for Sad Occasions
Melodies for Mom
Melodies for Dad
Melodies for Kids
Sweet Bhajans 2
Jai Kali Maa
Cherished Bhajans 1
Cherished Bhajans 2
Cherished Bhajans 3
Cherished Bhajans 4
Cherished Bhajans 5
Cherished Bhajans 6
Cherished Bhajans 7
Cherished Bhajans 8
Cherished Bhajans 9
Cherished Bhajans 10
Sounds of Islam
Divine Qaseedas

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