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LED Bundle

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CD Type :Music Blend, not remixed
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The complete discography of the LED record label is here! Featuring all the music the popular label has released over the years

You get over 1800 songs on 5 CD's on a 16gb USB flash drive in a presentation box

This collection is packed with Bollywood, Reggae, Chutney, Soca, Parang, Rockers, Top 40, 80's hits, Love songs and much more in one convenient and organized collection. It features music from some of the finest DJ's in the business, click on the Included CD's tab to see a full list of all the included albums

All files are encoded as high quality 320k MP3's. Every CD has it's own folder, each folder has separate tracks for each song with the proper album artwork, track names and MP3 tags included

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CD Type: :
CD Type :Music Blend, not remixed

These are the albums included in this collection

All Out 1 by Wikid Soundz
All Out 2 by Wikid Soundz
Around The World by DJ iLL & Caribbean Spice
Back When by Wikid Soundz
Barefoot by DJ iLL
Beer Garden 1 by Mistah Flow
Beer Garden 2 by Mistah Flow
Best Of Baron by DJ Avinash
Bob Marley Greatest Hits by DJ iLL
Bollywood Request by Impact Soundz
Bring De Rum by Wickid Soundz
Bubbling Party by DJ iLL ft. Mistah Flow & Mistah Trickstah
Caribbean Spice Goes Worldwide by Caribbean Spice
Chutney Masala by Wickid Soundz
Chutney Rewind by Wickid Soundz
Country Classics 2 by Vp Premier
Disco Fever by DJ iLL & Mistah Trickstah
Extasy 1 by Remixer Zaheer
Extasy 2 by Remixer Zaheer
Golden Memories by Remixer Zaheer
Gyam Fiyah by Caribbean Spice
Hot & Spicy 1 by Wikid Soundz
Hot & Spicy 2 by Wikid Soundz
Hot & Spicy 3 by Wikid Soundz
Hot & Spicy 4 by Wikid Soundz
Hot & Spicy 5 by Wikid Soundz
Indian Sensation 1 by Mistah Flow
Indian Sensation 2 by Mistah Flow
It's Phagwah Time by Wikid Soundz
Keep Calm & Coolie Bai On by Remixer Zaheer
Knock Out Remixes by Remixer Zaheer
Latin Party by DJ iLL
Local Melodies by DJ iLL & Mistah Flow
Lockdown by Vp Premier & Hopewest
Lonely Hearts by ImpactSoundz
Lonely Nights by Impact Soundz
Love & Affection by DJ iLL
Love Struck 1 by Remixer Zaheer
Love Struck 2 by Remixer Zaheer
Love Struck 3 by Remixer Zaheer
Lovers Selection 1 by Mistah Flow
Lovers Selection 2 by Mistah Flow
Must Haves by Wikid Soundz
My Fav's by Wikid Soundz
Old Cassette 1 by Remixer Zaheer
Old Cassette 2 by Remixer Zaheer
Ole Days by Wikid Soundz
Pelt yuh Waist by Mastah X & Kaotik Soundz
People's Choice 1 by Mr. Trickstah
People's Choice 2 by Mr. Trickstah
People's Choice 3 by Mr. Trickstah ft. Remixer Zaheer
Precision Whine 2k14 by Remixer Zaheer
Precision Whine 2k15 by Remixer Zaheer
Radioactive by G1
Reggae Splash by DJ iLL & Vp Premier
River Lime 1 by Wickid Soundz
River Lime 2 by Wickid Soundz
River Lime 3 by Wickid Soundz
River Lime 4 by Wickid Soundz
River Lime 5 by Wickid Soundz
Roll Yuh Bumpah by Hypnotic Vibez
Sentimental Moments 1 by Remixer Zaheer
Sentimental Moments 2 by Remixer Zaheer
Silent Kiss by Mr. Trickstah
Soca Paradise by DJ iLL ft. Mistah Flow & Mistah Trickstah
Soca Remedy 2k15 by DJ iLL
Spoat Up by Caribbean Spice
Street Dancer by Mistah Flow
Summer Breeze Mistah Flow & Mistah Trickstah
Sunday Spoat by Mistah Flow
The Evolution Of Bollywood Music by Mistah Flow
Top Party Songs by Wikid Soundz

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