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Track Mastering

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The better your sound, the better the impact on the listener. Don't take chances with your mix. Let a professional give you the polished to help your mixes stand out. Our Mastering services lets you send your tracks to us to get mastered. It will give you the professional sound you're looking for

Mastering is the process of optimizing audio quality to create a deeper, cleaner and more dynamic sound. It adds professional polish to your mix, ensuring it is sonically balanced and clear. Mastering can include tools such as equalization, compression, limiting, stereo image adjustment and reverb. It also ensures consistency between different tracks on the same album and makes the audio signal loud enough compared to to those in its genre

Mastering will:

  • Create proper starting and end points for your track by removing excess silence
  • Raise the overall volume of your track
  • Correct balance issues with equalization
  • Enhance the depth of the mids, highs and lows
  • Remove unwanted clicks & pops in the signal

Send us your track online and you'll receive the final mastered tracks with online delivery in WAV and MP3 formats. This item is for a single audio file up to 10 minutes per file. Mastering takes 3-4 days per project

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