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Rumshop Gold - CD's Only

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What is it?

The Rumshop Gold collection is the most organized and best sounding version of the Rum Shop series. It brings you the music from the classic series with professional remastering by Vp Premier and comes on 15 CD's. The CD's are perfect for those who prefer the convenience of compact discs as well as those who cannot use a flash drive. This collection also comes with a free Rumshop poster. If you demand the highest quality audio and love your Indian songs, this collection is for you!

What is Remastering?

Remastering is the process of correcting unwanted signals in the audio that cause distortion and ruin the listening experience. Clicks & pops, surface noise, humming, hissing and other unwanted transients are removed and left behind is clean and clear audio. In addition, duplicate songs in the collection have been removed and original versions of every song have been used, not re-sung versions. Extra silence at the beginning and ending of the tracks has also been eliminated, ensuring all songs start and end smoothly

Some features of this collection:

  • All songs remastered by Vp premier
  • Original versions of all songs are used, not the re-sung versions
  • Extra silence at the end of the tracks has been removed
  • All songs properly fade out and do not end suddenly
  • All duplicate songs have been removed
  • Clicks, pops and other noise has been removed
  • Cleaner, crisper and clearer versions of every song in the series
  • Song titles have been fixed using the correct spelling
  • Comes with a free Rumshop Gold poster

This is the Gold standard for Rumshop. It's the most complete, best sounding, most organized version ever of the Rum Shop series, period. It is available with free shipping to the US & Canada

Additional Options

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